The Art Behind the Music

An Interview With Classic Rock Art Curator Michael Goldstein of RockPoPGallery Rock and roll has been part of our pop culture for many decades and, so too has pop/rock memorabilia and art associated with it. Many classic album covers were created to not only sell music, but the concepts and images that were often the driving forces behind the music as well. A business that is keeping this ideal alive is, a site that is dedicated to bringing customers the best selection of limited-edition rock and pop music related art prints, photography and related collectibles on the market today. I spoke with curator and owner Michael Goldstein of about his business and why it is so important to preserve these pieces of audio history. Let’s learn more about the man behind the scenes: was founded in 2005 in Huntington, NY by Michael, a long-time collector of music related artwork, as Michael explains: “It was my personal collection (and my display of it in my offices at the TV network I worked at) that got me into the business in the first place.” And his interest in the art of the music was apparent at an early age, as Michael details: “My father was a cartoonist/caricaturist and, while I only had 20% of his natural ability, I did a lot of drawing. I’d done a reproduction of one of Roger Dean’s “Flying Machines” on a wall in the basement of the house I grew up in, and that was the first time that I really sat down and took a look at the artistry that went into these covers. Growing up during the heyday of record cover art- from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones, from Iron Butterfly, the Electric Prunes and early Black Sabbath to King Crimson, Yes, Frank Zappa and The Mothers, and the Mouse/Kelly’s works- all of those images ingrained in my psyche. Later on, when I got into cartoon animation and then into TV/Web production, I had a chance to work with some of the illustrators and photographers whose works I’d admired while growing up; and seeing how many of the still ‘had to work for a living’ made me mad/curious as to why these works of art and most of the people who’d made them were, in my opinion, seen as outsiders by the fine art establishment. I had to do something about that. These images were all expressions of the collaboration between musical artists, art directors, illustrators and photographers, and many of these images have certainly survived the ‘test of time’ even better than some of the music they accompanied! The artwork is about emotional connections and different forms of inspirations (sometimes chemical) and I think that is why my visitors enjoy the album art-related Cover Stories I write, as they’re all about the art and the artists.” Not knowing much about fine art, I asked Michael about the specifics of the business, some rather obvious, and some that needed some clarification. Here are some of the questions I was curious about: What is a print? “To put it simply, unlike a painting, prints are made by drawing not on paper or canvas, but on a surface such as stone or a metal plate, from which the image can then be printed a number of times,” explained Michael. “The surface is inked, a sheet of paper is then placed over it and the two are run through a press. The total number of prints that are pulled is decided by the artist and the publisher beforehand and this is called an “edition”. Each impression in the edition is signed and numbered (and sometimes embellished otherwise) by the artist. Once the edition is completed, the original plate or stone is either defaced or destroyed so that no more can be made.” “Original prints are often referred to by the technique that was used to produce them, such as lithography, silk-screening and the newest (and somewhat controversial) method – digital printing (or Giclee’). I explain these techniques in detail on the website.” I asked Michael, how do I know what I’m buying is an original? “In almost all circumstances, RockPoPGallery buys its inventory from only one of three sources – either directly from the artist, directly from the artist’s publisher, or at auction from auction companies that can authenticate the “provenance” (the documented history of a work of art from its production to the present) of a work of art,” stated Michael. “While many items come from these sources with complete documentation, this is not the case with all works and so we guarantee originality, based on our knowledge, provenance and the above checks. As an art lover, collector and a gallery owner I would not consider buying or selling a work of art that I am not 100% sure about. Upon request, RockPoPGallery will provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity, which will include a copy of the provenance provided from our sources. You can then go visit the web sites of the artists/publishers, and if the description of the print matches theirs in every detail, then there is a very good chance it is original.” What determines the market price of a particular print? “The international art market decides the price, based on the principles of supply and demand, basic economics really,” Michael explained. “Original prints may exist in multiples of more than one, which can account for a difference of thousands of dollars between the price of a mass-produced poster, an unsigned ‘open edition’ print and a signed and numbered limited-edition print. If a certain print is in demand and the supply is no longer there, the price will go up. However, price also very much depends on the condition of the print. Works on paper are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged by mishandling, poor framing, exposure to strong light and, of course, the passage of time. Prints in good condition are more sought after by collectors and therefore their prices are higher. And finally, some prints have been signed by both the artist/photographer and the musical act that the cover was done for, such as the Jimmy Page-signed Led Zeppelin IV prints, the David Bowie-signed Ziggy Stardust prints, and the Tony Iommi-signed Technical Ecstasy prints we sell. I have much more detailed information on the website.” What is the most expensive piece you sell, or conversely, maybe the most interesting item you have owned or sold. “This really changes day-to-day and expensive is a relative term,” said Michael. “Compare to a Warhol or a Lichtenstein or a Haring- all of whom did record covers- none of my images are expensive. The highest-priced items tend to be the pieces where the editions are nearly sold out- like the Led Zeppelin 4 cover art signed by Jimmy Page, Karl Ferris’ photos for the covers of “Are You Experienced?” and “Electric Ladyland,” Entwistle’s “Who by Numbers”, etc. As far as the most interesting item I have sold, well the one with the most personal story must have been my copy of Roger Dean’s “Magician’s Birthday.” I bought one for my personal collection at a very good price and then was offered a lot of money to sell it, which I did; not knowing how much I really wanted to keep it. To punish myself and to let me look at it everyday, I had a section of it tattooed on my right arm!” I enjoyed my conversation with Michael and have certainly learned valuable information about the fine art that is available for rock and roll fans. I think what impressed me the most about conversation was Michael’s commitment and passion for what he does, certainly intangible qualities that you cannot place a value on.

The Art of Music

It is indeed indescribable of a world if it has no music, like just imagine the world without music. No harmony and melody, no beats, no songs that lyrics give emphasis on what life is all about and moreover love. How could one truly live without music? Music is indeed an art that involves not only a harmony between the music and the right choice of notes, pitches, and words but also it is an art that gives more art towards love and life. Whether a person is a music or song enthusiast or not, the same person can easily discern if the song is given justice along with its words, like for example how many of us actually appreciate a song that we cannot understand, and I mean songs that have a different language thus unrecognizable to our ears. Music is an arts and entertainment that captures our heart to its every note, that it delivers a great message even without us actually knowing what it is trying to say, the same reason why people likes songs that have lyrics that are barriers in language. Music is an entertainment portrayed through opera, plays and dances. It entertains our eyes and stirs our heart when we see some people perform on stage, thus paying attention to their every move, or the message they are trying to tell us. An entertainment gives art to all the various types of entertainment. Arts and Entertainment would include not only in showing off the art of it to people or the type of entertainment it brings, but especially on how these type of recreation can change our perspectives in life. For example, books, as an entertainment and for the sake of leisure we read books, but we choose the books we read very seriously, we make sure that they will give us a lesson and they will cater our imagination. Since time in memorial, I remember making book reports of different fictional books that will give a moral lesson. When I was a child, I remember reading books like the hare and the tortoise, and all other disney stuffs. Indeed, it gave me a value in life that cannot be easily taken away. Therefore, music gives us numerous perspectives in life as an art, as an entertainment, and taught us discipline, like how we dedicate ourselves in dancing or singing. I quote what the famous Abba said about music that indeed summed it up for everyone, ‘Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing, thanks for all the joy they are bringing, who can live without it? I asked in all honesty. What would life be? without a song or a dance what are we? So, I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me. It has inspired me to who I am now… I never feel more comfortable when listen to some Sade or Lauren Hill on a Sunny day in California. If you a person that likes to be out house, try drinking some wine ( of your choice ) and listen to some smooth melody jazz or blues.

Five Days Of Music And Miami The Winter Music Conference

The Winter Music Conference, now in its 26th year, is being held March 8-12,2011. The Winter Music Conference is one of largest festivals of its kind in the world. On average, the conference draws a crowd of 75-100,00 attendees. The conference draws artists, music companies and anybody who genuinely loves music for about five days of events. These events include parties, seminars, contests, and workshops the conference is also famous for its global reach.

Pools and Concierges: Hotels in Miami

Despite the crowds the conference draws, particularly during the high tourist season of Miami, specific Winter Music Conference hotels are available. The winter Music conference hotels are locations picked out by the conference that provides attendees with a discounted hotel rate. Typically there are hotels near the Winter Music Conference as the venues are scattered throughout the city.

Even if one decides not to use the hotel offer the Winter Music Conference supplies, there are plenty of other hotels near Winter Music Conference available. In general, the hotel scene in Miami is very varied. Miami’s hotel scene boasts quaint apartment style lodging, the increasingly popular boutique motels, and the type of party hotels that establish Miami as a major party scene. Therefore, there is a lot to choose from in Miami when it comes to accommodation but it will depend on availability and preference so it is advised to book early as the Winter Music Conference attracts thousands of people to the city.

Fun in the Sun: Things to do in Miami

Besides the music conference, there is still plenty of stuff to do in Miami. The high season in Miami is from Late November to Late April so some of the best activities that Miami has to offer will be open to visitors. Also, Miami has a thriving art scene with plenty of exhibitions and art galleries to explore in one’s free time from the music-related activities. One big draw is the beach, naturally. Even during the winter, the weather is still amicable enough that lying out in the sun is a possibility. However, swimming in the water is completely different story. The water can be very chilly during the winter.

No matter what you enjoy doing, spending time in Miami to enjoy the Winter Music Conference will probably be a great way to spend a few days in March.

Self Storage For Musical Instruments

If you are a musician, you are bound to have a lot of musical instruments, which can vary from your current musical accessories to your collectibles. You can never seem to get rid of your old instruments, and your emotional attachment with them necessitates a secure self storage.

Are you an Internet savvy person with a passion for musical instruments? Being an online retailer of musical instruments is a great business venture for the musically inclined entrepreneur looking for a way to make some real income off of their interests. Musical instruments provide the art form that is music to our ears. And people love them so much; they even decorate their houses with instruments, even if they don’t play them, to impress guests to their homes. Actual musicians are just trying to find ways to purchase them at a cheaper rate. Of course, they’re looking online.

First, think about the type of music store you envision. Don’t have capital for a storefront or room for inventory? Self storage is the perfect place to store your inventory. Will you specialize in one type of instrument? Or have a variety of percussion, keyboards and guitars. Look into wind instruments, musical accessories like shakers and tambourines, amplifiers, cases, DJ equipment, electric guitars, microphones, and string instruments. The possibilities are endless, but try to form a niche. To make your store unique, stick with where you have the most experience. If you’re like most online entrepreneurs, you might be a bit strapped for cash. Have any other skills? A way to increase profits is to offer local classes to music students or clubs and perhaps even rent some of your inventory out to them. Your online business can start on a part-time basis from home. A self storage can safely keep any inventory you’re keeping and is easy to access once you make that first sale.

Once you get going, start a VIP club or offer discounts to regulars and students to make them feel special. Everyone loves a good deal and it’s a great way to get your customers to keep coming back. In the age of the Internet, anyone can have an online business. It doesn’t cost much to start one, and with facilities like self storage units, your overhead is marginal. Make sure you’re always updating your website to keep up with current technology and trends. The music industry changes constantly and your online instrument business should always reflect changes to keep up. Perhaps the greatest benefit of an online musical instrument business is that you have something of value to share with the world, which can potentially generate income for you for the rest of your life.

The Beatles – Truly Modern Rock and Roll Music Band

The Beatles are considered to be the greatest rock & roll music band of all generations, and perhaps they are the most powerful and admired act of the 60’s rock era. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure: the influence of the Beatles rock band on modern music is inestimable, and it has at all times been profound.

One of the most universally held convictions, presented beyond question in practically every documentary about them as well as in ‘the Beatles art’, is that their influx in America saved rock & roll music from close extinction.

As song composers, the Beatles rock band wrote songs which turned into instant hit classics of the rock era. Prior to their emergence as rock stars, it was quite common for other rock bands to depend on professional composers for their matter and to heavily count on studio artistes for their recordings. It was the Beatles rock band that altered the pop industry’s policy, since most of the lyrics were written by themselves. Thus, they encouraged other rock bands to pen down their own composition without relying on expert lyricists, who would write for them.

Interestingly, Beetles were the 1st band to use the Mellotron, in the classic hit “In My Life”. They also played sitar (an instrument from India) in the song “Norwegian Wood”. The Beatles further made tape recorders play backwards in their several songs, which was not experimented by any rock band until this time.

The Beatles had 21 number one singles released between years 1964 – 1970 in America’s Billboard hit carnival with most of their songs turning into classics of all times. Since the lead vocalists Paul McCartney and John Lennon were amongst the finest and most noteworthy vocalists in rock music, the band’s concord were intricate and energizing.

The Beatles were also the pioneers of filming promotional music videos for their albums in the mid 60’s, mostly as they wanted to send them to television shows. It had set a trend of many standard techniques including the cutting of pictures to the beat of the music, and it is debatable that this film became the primary template through which the “music video” as a genre emerged.

Beetles were the first British rock music band to get international recognition and introduced striking innovations into pop music in comparison to any other rock band of the 20th century. Keeping the golden era alive, E-stores such as rock and roll metal art offer a variety of The Beatles Art photographs as a musical tribute to the legendary band.

In some levels, the influence of The Beatles rock brand surpassed beyond their music. Probably, the most prominent was their sway on male fashion. Their comparatively long hair, when they appeared onto the scene in 1964, was an incredible fashion statement, one that was rapidly espoused by other rock bands of the era, and by the early 70’s, long hair became typical fashion for men.

Although, the Beatles kick started in 1962 with a bang, and defunct quietly in 1970 when they got fragmented, they are considered one of the best modern rock n’ roll bands in the history of rock music.

Pointers on how to be a successful Music Artist. The does & don’t by someone who knows

In music there is no difference where plagiarism is concerned. Covers lend to the saying that imitation is indeed the best form of flattery. Indie label are often faced with the ‘ sounds like ‘ issue for the lack of originality by music artist and amateur producers.

This article provides many of the resources used by artist in practising their skills in a ‘home’ settings before entering into the atmosphere of a formal ‘ studio ‘. In some cases the quality of the recording made there is on par with a professional studio. Practising at home as opposed to in the studio addresses the ‘ wasting time ‘ factor and as we all know that time is money. This can also help in producing ‘ Demos ‘ useful in the shopping process.

Part of the Blueprint for success has been written by an authority on the subject. Someone who is currently signed to a Major Music Label. A writer and fellow musician who is best at describing his trials and mistakes. Someone who is willing to document his successful journey for others to follow his recipe to success. You can peruse his bio later at the link provided below. Today I want to discuss the ever important topic of Marketing as it relates to Music, your success and that of owning an Indie Music Label.

The word ‘success’ appears over and over again? This is important to your investment. Much relies on your ability to market your Label properly and to be cost effective. In a digital environment such as today’s where the Internet plays an important role in getting your message across, any reliably good advice is important.

Finding you is very important and so is hearing your artist’s recording (masterpiece) as well. You can be found by search engines used on the internet (Nothing a good SEOcan’t accomplish) and unless you are ahead of the class by virtue of your prowess or your big pockets (money), you are just like any ordinary student in a very big class.

You do not stand out and to the contrary you do not sit at the head of the class. This article is an attempt to get you closer to the teacher and the ‘chalk board’. Today it is not fashionable to be at the back of the class neither is it profitable. You need proper Marketing.

Proper usage of the right keywords and phrases in your marketing narrative and music will get you there.(using proper SEO tactic will get you there as well). This is addressed in several links mentioned in ebooks on my personal URL ( They contain books what I refer to as part of ‘the Blueprint series’. (it is rather cheap or an inexpensive way to market your Label).

Now that we are ‘here’ and hopefully we have a captive audience by some moderate airplay that we will need to use wisely. Time to market our product some more. The media is very important. It can be so important that some resort to the illegal practice of ‘ Payola ‘. Payola exist when DJ’s or Program Directors of radio stations receive money to play your recordings. The Station’s accounting department in turn pays you back royalties for playing your product. Meanwhile the masses hear you. The main reason why it is considered illegal is because the station is seldom not in on the agreement but are often seen as an unwilling participant or accomplice.

Getting the word out is not exactly marketing. Don’t confuse Marketing with Advertising. You get the word out when people ‘want’ the word. It is your job to create the demand. The old saying of ‘give the people what they want’ comes to mind. We are creatures of habit. Most of us follow the crowd so it’s up to you to identify the leaders and influence them, the rest will follow.

It is increasingly difficult to ‘break’ a new artist as it is to introduce a new art form. It is like trying to swim against the tide. It can be difficult but quite rewarding. (ask the trout fish)

There is a Grey area that deals with celebrity endorsement & product placement (alignment). It works very well in product marketing (clothes, drink, etc). Top Musicians are regarded as trend setters. A good example concerning alignment is encouraging your artist’s song to be in a feature film, an upcoming movie or recording a popular product jingle.

Visual marketing is very important as well. For instance, if you manage an artist or group it is advisable to hire or at least retain a good publicist which can:

1. Have your music artist at as many public events as possible and constantly seen with celebs.

2. Seek a good clothing endorsement or invest in the appropriate dress.

3. Constantly being seen (your artist) will raise a public awareness and demand will rise if not out of curiosity alone.

4. Open mics are an excellent way to practice in front of an audience while building a following. I do not suggest performing at karaoke events although some artist are known to go this route.

5.Performing on Modern televised shows can give you adequate exposure.

6. Vocal training has proven effective done by a competent person.

The marketing process is well on its way. This is commonly referred to as Branding the artist.

After successfully (there goes that word again) marketing or branding the artist, all that’s left is for he or she (group) is to back up these efforts in the studio. At this point, artist morale is so high that the product coming out the studio should be way above par. The artist will be so ‘pumped up’ to match their ego which has gotten a boost from your efforts. (Stroking the artist’s ego is good but brown-nosing is not). Proper Marketing truly has its benefits. Not only in financial gains but from a moral perspective as well.

Knowing that you can formulate a plan and successfully implement it using your ideas coupled with those of others is an achievement in itself.

Having owned an Indie label (Soul Rican Records) has done several things but the most important thing it has done is taught me how to be humble and the ins and out of a very cut throat industry. Always remain vigilant.

Taking and listening to good advice from others is important. Giving credibility to others is paramount to your growth. Anybody can give advice, it’s up to you to choose to follow it. Good advice comes with a premium. Mine is free. I have nothing to lose.

Throughout this account the word SUCCESS is constantly used and that is not by accident. The pinnacle of any project brought to fruition is not failure, It is indeed success.

Nobody enter a race to lose or seldom to say I compete or was the runners up. The Marathon is different as they can be only one winner but participants enjoy saying ‘I competed’. In Marketing however, we strive to be all winners. The race is not for the swift but for he that endure. (once said by a wise man)

So there you have it. ENOUGH FODDER to ponder what you are doing right (or wrong).

Enough to ‘tweak’ your approach a bit with the knowledge that there is no fixed way of achieving marketing success.

There is no right way or wrong way, there are however ‘proven’ ways that evolves everyday with the constantly changing market.

Berklee College of Music – Start a Career in Music

For most people who want to get into the music scene, a solid educational background and professional training is a big plus. This is why most would apt to go to music or audio production schools. One of the best schools for music and audio production in Boston Massachusetts is the Berklee Collage of Music. The Berklee College of Music believes that the best thing to do to get students ready for a future in the music industry is to let them practice and study contemporary music. Over fifty years later, the school’s programs have developed to mimic what students will experience in the music and music business world.

Unlike most audio production schools, Berklee Collage of Music has a specific department for audio and music production. The department offers students the opportunity to strengthen and hone their skills. Students are trained to become the best music engineers and producers. The department has ten recording studios and laboratories that contain state of the art and the best tools and equipment found in the market. Aside from the equipment, the department also has a roster of industry professionals, teachers and faculty members that support the students every step of the way. Special events and lectures such as visiting artist, faculty demonstrations, clinics, camps and 10,000 hours worth of applied, hands-on projects.

The school also has a music management and business department. This is very beneficial for students who are aspiring to become studio owners or producers, working behind the scene of recording and performing artist’s successes. The department’s program concentrates on teaching students on how they can create their own business in the music scene, such as putting up their own recording studio, starting their own label, managing artist, market and managing different talents, and even their own talent, to ensure success in the industry. They even provide students with internship placements with partner companies that are known in the industry.

Many different audio production schools have opened up in Massachusetts, specifically in the bigger cities. Boston has always been known to be a city that supported different cultures and is pretty open and welcoming to new and fresh talents. It’s a great place to start out as a performer or as a producer. The more well-known cities to become famous such as Los Angeles and New York is already too crowded, and students might find it hard to make a move because of competition. by starting out small, new-comers in the industry can work their way up, gaining experience and creating a name for themselves.

The Origin of Tattoo Art & Modern Celebrity Tattoos

There is a great significance to tattoo art which has a blend of history and modernity associated with it. It has been practiced in the different parts of the world and exists in different cultures.

The history of tattoo art goes back to the ancient times. Tattoos enjoy great popularity around the world and have significant impact in different cultures. The origin of tattoos has taken place from the land of Polynesia and the word has been classified with two different meanings. The use of mark and strike in the two words is quite significant. The origin of tattoo goers back to 5000 long years and people from different parts of the world have experimented with them. There are a variety of examples related to tattoo art designs which have originated from different global corners.

These tattoos have created a significant impression with their brilliant designs. The popularity of tattoos has enhanced over the years and is widely used as a modern art form. One of the great examples of tattoo designs was discovered in the year 1991. This particular tattoo design was found on an ice man whose age probably goes back to 5000 long years. The example was found in the mountainous borders of Austria and Italy. There were more than 57 tattoo designs found on this ice man which is quite significant.

The tattoos were found in the different parts of the body like kidneys, left knee and ankles. This certainly makes it clear that the practice of tattooing in the different parts of the body was even prevalent in that age. Back in the year 1948 tattoo art designs were discovered in the countries of Russia and China. These tattoos were found on the bodies of mummies. The evidence of tattoo art has been found in the country of Egypt too. The pharaoh goddess Hathor has lines of tattoo on her body as per expert historians. As per the historic revelations from ancient Egypt, only women were allowed to go for tattoo designs.

The country of Japan also shares an old relationship with the art of tattooing. These were especially evident on the clay figures where stylish tattoo designs were found. Tattoo designing has come a long way from its integral connection with history to the modern days of glamorous fashion. Nowadays celebrities from the different parts of the world have taken up various tattoo styles and imprints them on their bodies. These celebrities range from various important fields like sports, music, fashion, movies etc and draw a huge fan following with their impressive tattoos.

Both male and female celebrities go for these tattoos which attract a significant amount of attention from their fans. The tattoos are found in the different parts of their bodies which makes the entire thing even more interesting. For example American pop sensation Rihanna has emerged quite popular with her motto tattoo. The tattoo expresses that all failures should be taken in good strides and success is just nearby. The beautiful and hot celebrity Ashlee Simpson also showcases a tattoo on her left wrist and middle finger. The English soccer star David Beckham has also experimented with celebrity tattoos throughout his career and considered as a style icon.



People would be surprised to learn that poetry is a mantic art that the poet is in a mantic state when composing his or her poetry. The word muse is used to describe an entitiy that serves as a source of inspiration to the writer or poetry. Socrates tells us in the Timaeus, that the poet is not in his right mind when writing poetry. Likewise, music (muse) is also a mantic art considering that Mozart and Beethoven merely wrote what they heard from their muse.

Divination is all mantic art for “to divine” one has to abstract from the spiritual world information that if from a non ordinary source. In my book, MYSTERIES: Ancient & Modern, I explain how the psychic world is an intermediary world between the spiritual and the physical. Many cultures all over the world have their own methods of divination whether it be Runes from Scandinavia or I Ching from China. The mantic arts are extant in China from ancient times; expecially Feng Shui which is a form of geomancy. Geomancy is only one mantic art among hundreds. Cut and paste this url onto your browser and you will read hundreds of different mantic arts: []

Probably the most popular mantic art is astrology that endured throughout the ages; albeit, it is considered a pseudo science today even though it was taught in European Universities at one time. One of the reasons science does not recognize mantic arts is because to practice these arts one must have intuitive faculties. As we move into the Aquarian Age there will be a heart/mind fusion so that people will have intelligence in their hearts and love in their minds…a true balance between the masculine and feminine.

For those of you who like to partake of the mantic arts, I suggest you go to my website:


Cut and past this into your browser: []


Sai Grafio
Author of this article and many other publications to be viewed on the above referenced site.

Music, Arts and You…

Hello my friends, we need to talk about things that touch the human soul. Music is what I know about and that’s what we will mainly talk about, yet there are the arts, painting sculpting, poetry, and more. Music is what I know so that is what I want to focus on.

Back in time not long ago Music was what we were all about. Writing, playing, living, was all about our human existence. We listened with our minds, hearts, and souls to help us understand what the meaning of life was, and to open our minds to what we did not understand all to become better people. We did become better. More understanding, more knowledgeable, more open to what we did not understand, and more true to ourselves and others, with a gracious nature. In 2007 we have definitely lost what we have learned before. For some reason it has not been passed down. The youth today are beginning to search it out. They do see a lifetime of music that taught all to come together and understand, even though they were unsure as to what they were learning. They knew it touched the soul. You will either get what I am saying or not. I hope you do.

I ask the youth of today to pick up a guitar, a bass guitar, drums, a piano, a clarinet, a tuba, a saxophone, any musical instrument and learn to play it. Let it touch you, maybe you’ll change instruments, or add more! Please I ask you to keep the MUSIC ALIVE! It has been around since the beginning of time and it is being put aside for cheap entertainment. Learning, practicing, developing something from nothing is the great challenge of the human existence. Let’s not lose it!

Please pick up an instrument and do the best you can. Music does equal brain power and I have worked with VH-1 and Save the Music, and it is true. You can be in a symphony a rock band, any type band, or in your basement, you do not have to do it for any reason but enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy it you are not going to make it anyway. That is the 1st phase, enjoyment. If you want to go for your dreams be great, I did, but phase one is enjoyment of playing…! If you don’t have that play sports or motocross, or whatever makes you happy. I just don’t want us to lose the music. Anything someone is passionate about, I am for, whatever it is. I am a musician though, so I see that artistry!

Do what your heart tells you…!

Rock ‘N Roll,

Teddy Mueller 2007